Best Mold Components is.

All free to download.
No trial period. No credit cards. No catches. is a collection of HASCO standard mold components made as SolidWorks 3D models.
HASCO is an injection mold components supplier.
The mold components are designed in SolidWorks which is a 3D CAD software.

19 of the mold components together have more than 10,000 unique configurations (variants) and creates an assembly of a HASCO standard mold base.
Because the mold components are fully parameterized in SolidWorks, you can quickly resize everything from eg
dowel pins, ejector pins and guide pins to screws, locating rings and clamping plates.
All mold components contains custom properties with complete information to quickly create your SolidWorks drawings with a bill of materials (BOM).
Therefore no manual work is required to get your SolidWorks bill of materials (BOM).

The mold components custom properties are also compatible with custom properties from the HASCO DAKO module.
DAKO is a HASCO CAD catalog or CAD library software to generate a solid model to eg SolidWorks.
If you do not find the mold components you need here you can add components with the HASCO DAKO module.

Do you often design special ejector sleeves of the type HASCO Z452, Z453, Z454 and Z455 there is also a SolidWorks macro that automates your work. It is called Component Creator.

At present 82 unique mold components are 3D modeled in SolidWorks and together contain 40,087 SolidWorks configurations.
They are available in three languages - English, German and Swedish.

Use our HASCO standard mold components together with the features of SolidWorks mold tools and your mold design will be fast.
Open the SolidWorks mold assembly Layout 1 and add your (part) cavity in SolidWorks and you are up and running.
These mold components can be found here at and they are free to download.

Hardware is something that is interesting when working with demanding applications such as injection molding mold design and mold flow analysis software.
We tell about our experiences when it comes to hardware and system requirements.

We also tell about our experiences in moldflow simulation software or moldflow analysis software.
We tell you how it can be and how we use software such as mold flow simulation software and especially Autodesk Moldflow Insight software.
What is good and what is even better.