Tutorial SolidWorks macro Component Creator.

Here is a tutorial for SolidWorks macro Component Creator.
It shows you step by step how to install and use Component Creator in SolidWorks 2016 (Solidworks SP5 has been used).
Component Creator is used for the design automation of SolidWorks when designing HASCO ejector sleeves.
The parts concerned are HASCO Z452, Z453, Z454 and Z455 which are custom made special ejector sleeves or ring ejectors.
Included is a SolidWorks drawing template to create a SolidWorks drawing file and a SolidWorks drawings pdf.
In order to open the pdf drawing you must of course have adobe reader or similar software installed already.
The SolidWorks configuration specific custom properties DrawnBy, DrawnDate (today's date), Line1, Line2 and Line3
are added to the 7 custom properties that exist in all the other downloadable components.
Obviously, a SolidWorks part or 3D model is also generated.

01. Download.

Download Component Creator from our download section.

02. Extraction.

Extract to C:\

03. System settings.

A period/full point (.) must be used as decimal separator.
Never a comma (,).
Please check your system settings.

04. SolidWorks settings.

Under Options, click System Options tab, category General, Use system separator for dimensions must be checked.
If the decimal point is incorrect SolidWorks macros will use meters instead of millimeters.
Please check your SolidWorks settings.

05. New Macro Button.

Start a new SolidWorks document.
Right-click in the window border and click Customize.
Under the Command tab, category Macro, drag New Macro Button to any toolbar in the SolidWorks window.
Under Action, click Browse (...) and open C:\MoldDesign\ComponentCreator\ComponentCreator.swp.
Under Appearance, click Choose Image, select C:\MoldDesign\ComponentCreator\ComponentCreator.bmp and click Open.
Show me how to add a new Macro Button to SolidWorks.

06. Run Component Creator from the newly added macro button.